Implementing Bond Issuance and Syndicated Bank Loan Financing

Evensen Dodge has participated in over 10,000 transactions and mobilized over $200 billion for our clients. EDII provides personalized assistance to our clients along every step of the debt financing transaction until a successful closing. EDII works with the client to get the best possible terms and conditions from every transaction at the lowest cost. This is possible because EDII is an independent advisory firm representing only our clients’ interests. We have extensive experience in completing financing transactions in developed and emerging market countries.

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Planning and Management

  • Capital Improvement Plans and Policies.
  • Financial Analysis of Proposed Projects.
  • Debt Capacity Analysis/Debt Management Plans.
  • Review of Financing Alternatives.
  • Debt Authorization Assistance: Referenda and Special Legislation.
  • Revenue and Expenditure Projections.
  • Tax Impact Analysis.

Transactions Support

  • Credit Rating Strategy and Presentations.
  • Analysis of Credit Enhancement Options.
  • Refunding Feasibility Analysis.
  • Method of Sale: Competitive, Negotiated, Private Placements or bank loan.
  • Structuring Recommendations.
  • Support selection and negotiations with service providers.
  • Pre-marketing and Market Timing.
  • Bond Marketing or Loan Promotion.
  • Coordination of Closing Activities.
  • Post financing Analysis.

Special Services

  • Arbitrage Rebate Reporting.
  • Secondary Market Disclosure.
  • Competitive Funding of Escrow.
  • Investment Management.
  • Quantitative Analysis Studies.
  • Special Projects.
  • Ongoing Financial Advisory Services.

Financial Legal Services